The SEX formula

My soul is on fire this morning and it’s because I feel the awakening, it’s happening. I feel the Hannah rising up from within my bones, and the dead things beginning to manifest into new life.

While having devotion with my son this morning God spoke through his mouth and then this blog happened.

In the middle of our devotion my son looked me in the eye and said, “Never kill”, and immediately pointed to my stomach and began to rub it.

Deep breath. Now let’s talk!

I feel the kingdom children weighing me down this morning, and I feel the weight that is necessary for us as kingdom women to carry. See God has called us as women to bear children and there’s more to simply carrying a child for nine months, there is a certain type of birthing that manifests when the child is outside of the womb. There is a way that the lives of the children we are raising in this hour must be properly stewarded.

No your son can’t hang around every single one of the boys at school and some of his cousins who don’t know how to act just yet, and no your daughter cannot spend the night at every girls home that invites her over. There is a satanic mission that has been assigned to every kingdom child in this hour, and it stops NOW. See the enemy understands what we carry more than we do, and he understands the anointing on these babies lives more than we ever will.

Samuel was raised in the temple with Eli at his right hand, and his mother and father had to go and visit him. Hear what the Spirit is saying. Samuel was special, he was anointed, he had a mighty call on his life, his life had volumes that had yet to be discovered and God didn’t want the anointing and gifts within Samuel to become tainted.

So to the mother worrying she’s doing too much, NO, the way you’re raising your children isn’t ridiculous, and some mothers around you may do well to take notes. You’re not doing too much by seeking to always understand the Spirit behind a lot of these children, play dates, school agendas, etc. Be wise and pray for discernment, but on this morning someone needs to know that they’re raising their child just right, and the noise you hear regarding your choices is hogwash. Rebuke it and carry on. God is pleased.

Cover your child! Cover your children! Pray over them daily! Plead the blood of Jesus over them daily! Everyone isn’t out here raising up Godly children who will fear the Lord, but there are children who are already full blown possessed and operating off the agenda of Satan himself. Use discernment I repeat!

God is seeking to change our ignorance in this season, so that we learn to be more mindful of what He has given us. In the meantime I pray that I’m the reminder and the one to warn the ones who don’t even have a clue. It’s time to catch a hint mama, God isn’t just allowing you to create and birth these little humans because they’re cute, you’re raising up a prophet who will speak to the nations, you are raising up mini Sarah’s who will be mothers to the nations, you’re raising up baby apostles who will grow into becoming one of the greatest martyrs for Christ this world has ever known.

When God tells us to create He means that, and because He has given us the privilege of having sex, conceiving and then birthing children then we need to do our parts and understand that it does bring on a certain type of burden. It’s supposed to. Your life was never your own to begin with, so stop blaming that child for “messing up your life”. He/she didn’t mess up your life mama, and yes I know it seems ridiculous that you have no one around to help you maintain your sanity while trying to raise them, BUT understand that you laid down and now you must understand what it looks like to get down and dirty being sure that child is protected and kept for the great works the Lord has for them.

God knows your future so let Him plan it and let Him help you in the meantime, and trust that though you conceived while living in sin that doesn’t mean that God isn’t with you and that precious little one. We were born and shapen in iniquity but God still reigns in and over our lives, the blood still works and His grace and mercy still reaches in and covers our lives, so it’s no difference when it comes to your situation and your child or children. God bless you whoever you are. **

Understand women of God that we are meant to bear the weight of future generations that will shake this world in a way that it never has before. We hold the keys to the future and to the shaking of hell itself. We hold the kingdom aspects in our wombs that are going to be very vital in these last days as we prepare to take it on home and live in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Some of you are about to make some babies and I know it may sound funny but I’m being serious. See God is breaking off the mindset that we tend to have where we believe that babies change things too much, and too many is never a good thing because it just gives us more work to do, more stress and that there is more attention that’s taken away from us, our “success”, careers, money, etc. The devil is a liar and it’s not about us, never has been and never will be. It’s about the kingdom of God arising in the earth, and the only way we will continue to do a great damage to the kingdom of darkness, is by slapping him in the face and creating more men and women who will rise up declaring the works of the Lord. Unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, convicted by the wicked things in and of this world and not afraid of a little persecution if that means they get to rest in the heavens with the Lord God Almighty whom they will love oh so much in Jesus name.

If your husband wants to have sex with you don’t be afraid of pregnancy. If it happens then it happens, don’t you dare get on birth control to fuel that selfish flesh telling you that you can’t have anymore children. I know it may sound a bit ridiculous or unreasonable to some of you, but I’m just saying it how it’s coming to me on this morning, and that’s the way that I hear it.

See sex was meant to cause a woman to conceive and that was the purpose of it in the beginning of time. It was never simply put in place to satisfy our urges. That’s the selfish part of it that causes our flesh to rise up into a place where God is not pleased. That’s what causes us to go out and have abortions because we don’t understand that the baby beginning to grow in our tummies is PURPOSEFUL, it was planted there on PURPOSE. That child is not, was not and will never be a MISTAKE. He wants to be glorified in and through the sex and He’s glorified when we have children who we then train up in the way in which they are to go, so that when they get old they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

Woman of God hear me when I say there are too many women who cry themselves to sleep every night because they can’t have a baby (ASK Hannah/ 1 Samuel Chapters 1 & 2), and your womb is operating just fine but because of selfish reasons and maybe even some justifiable reasons in your mind, you choose to withhold sex from a man God sent to you so that you could do just that. Make babies and bring glory to HIS name. Would you believe me if I told you that’s a part of the reason God saw fit to allow you to marry in the first place?

Bump the corporate ladder and that dream business you want to put first in your mind, when it could be here one moment and gone the next if it’s up to God. He’s the one helping you to come up with the vision anyways, so if He gave the vision don’t you think He will be sure you’ll be able to sustain it and work it out even with children to manage?

I love you, I love us and I love the fact that yes we have choices whether or not we want to have children, whether we want to choose Jesus as Lord over our lives, and heck whether or not we even want to get married. Please hear me when I say I’m not bashing anyone or judging anyone for any choices that may or may not have been made before, but I’m just speaking passionately about this burden that I’m carrying on today.

See love is a choice and because God is love then yes He does give us a choice as to what we do with our bodies, how we manage in our marriages, etc. but the Bible also gives us guidelines and the way I see it, the Bible is certainly alive and active and it’s sharp indeed and if it’s not cutting, making us uncomfortable, causing us to sweat a little bit and pushing us to die to self then we’re not reading it right (Hebrews 4:12).

The bodies that God gave us our not our own so when I think of that scripture and begin to reflect on the fact that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and I am to house Him within me, then it takes my hands off in a sense and I stop thinking about me, and thinking more of my Savior and all that He wants for and from me. ** 1 Corinthians 6:19

I’m going to be vulnerable for a moment so you’ll hear more of my heart. I was driving a month or so ago and the back of a license tag in front of me read “4 more”. I love when God speaks to me in unconventional ways and when I’m not really looking but I find that word for the day anyways. So immediately I questioned in my Spirit what that meant if it meant anything at all, and one of the first thoughts that came to mind was, children.

So can I be honest, my reaction was a half smile, half smirk and a whole lot of shock and me saying no! I began to talk to God about it saying that I didn’t want that and I reasoned saying to myself that I’d never heard Him say anything like that to me before, so there is no way that’s what it means. I was basically fighting with my thoughts versus what I had just heard in my Spirit, and it sounded good but didn’t feel right. I knew I was wrong, but I was still going to fight it a little while longer.

So let me skip to the park encounter with my son, remind you I was on my way to the park when I saw the license plate. This random woman began to talk to me after I had been walking around in much prayer while my son played. I lie to you not she began to tell me that it was time for me to have some more children and that I needed to have at least 4 more so that I could have 5. Now wait a minute that sounds ridiculous right? Some of you may even think I’m making it up but I promise you I’m not. It’s real, she really said it, I contemplated it all throughout that day and then some, and it never went away, just kept coming back stronger.

I say all of that to say this, God was dealing with me on that day and it’s not the first time, I know exactly what He’s been preparing me for, but see it’s the number that threw me off. I never thought that number would come out of God’s mouth regarding little ol me. How in the world can I have that many babies? Why do I have to have that many children God? What do you want me to do with them? Are you sure that I can raise them the right way? I’m not sure I have it in me. All that fear tried to paralyze me that day and the next and as it kept sweeping over me I had to learn to surrender in a new way that I’m praying you pick up from me on today.

We rebuke the spirit of fear right now in Jesus name, no we don’t and will not bow to the Spirit of fear, of guilt, shame or condemnation. You are not your past woman and yes you may have had an abortion or maybe even two in your past, but you are NOT your past and you will move forward in Spirit and in truth as God begins to use your womb in this season for His glory.

For many of you including myself maybe you’ve had a child or two or maybe three outside of marriage, and maybe some of you are continuing to have sex outside of marriage which is wrong in the eyes of God, but you and I are not our past and from this day forth I speak a new beginning over you if you just say YES and I speak life and deliverance over you if you just say YES! He can help you, He wants to help you and He can take it away from you, leaving you clean and ready to be used by HIM alone.

I speak life over your womb and I say that that child will live and not die, those future generations being born through you will live and not die, the Lords hand is upon you now women of God, He is calling you blessed, He is saying that if you say Yes then He will keep you, no harm will overtake you, the child will live, your family will be blessed, you will continue to multiply with no problems and lack will never be your portion in Jesus name.

God needs you to see it and I pray that on today, in this very moment, you see it the way God sees it and begin to understand that the weight He intended for us to carry for nine months goes far beyond the nine months, and there is greater on the other side of our YES.

Here’s to the future, one generation at a time I declare that the fire is rising, purpose is rising and these children will see the salvation of the Lord in the land of the living.

There is much purpose in the wombs of the women of God who are rising to the supernatural call in this season, and in Jesus name we will not kill these children, we will not abort this purpose within and we will not be selfish with these lives we’ve been given by the Almighty.

If God says create, if God says multiply and if God says do not withhold our bodies from the men of God He has given us, then IT IS SO.

This is the season where many pure bred prophets will be born, zeal filled apostles and natural born leaders. They shall live and not die in Jesus name. May the Lord bless the womb of any woman reading this post, we have a responsibility and we were born to carry the weight. Let the Hannahs arise, and let them, let us arise NOW.

#multiply #itstime

p.s. I recommend you read all books by Michelle McClain-Walters, and as soon as I’m done with this post I plan on reading her latest book, “The Hannah Anointing”. I feel the Holy Spirit speaking telling me to do so, and I pray you receive the same conviction. IT IS T I M E.

p.s.s. so what is "The SEX formula"? It's simply you + your husband = conception 

Have sex within the boundaries of marriage + multiply that conception rate = God gets the glory haha. You get the point. 


Photo by Kewei Hu on Unsplash


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